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India is “a land of artistic excellence”. A treasure house of exquisite handicrafts, rich in traditional arts. The glorious traditions of early sculpture art and exquisite carving skills reached the peak of perfection in ancient times. Today’s modern craftsmen have maintained this vitality.

Terracotta Scuplture Artist | Abhirathi India

India has a long tradition of handcrafting exquisite artworks. For a long time, Indian artists have been showing awesome masterpieces to the world. In the cultural land of India, many handicrafts have always been the life of life.

The folk crafts and country figures copied in the brass, bell metal and horn works are outstanding.

Decals and pata paintings (palm leaf paintings) are the most popular souvenirs.

Other cultural relics from India include gold grass works, baskets, table mats, hats and other items; terracotta images of gods, goddesses and household items; relics made of coconut shell fibers, mainly decorated with animal images; baskets, sugar cane And bamboo products; beautiful shells and lacquerware toys and bracelets. God wood carving and paper machine mask.

Traditional painting

Traditional painting is practiced by craftsmen for generations according to mythological themes and characteristics. Pata chitra (leaf painting) made lovely murals for decoration, which was once a source of education for rural people. Although these ancient handicrafts are limited to a few craftsmen, their delicate and thoughtful mythological figures usually combine to depict stories from the Bible.

Brass metalware occupies an important position in the metal family. Casting metal brass to shape beauty and practicality is the pride of the artist. Terracotta ClayArt Abhirathi The artist shapes and shapes these metals into exquisite finished products, such as gods and goddesses, wall decorations, and decorative utensils. These antique-looking works are very suitable for interior decoration. The elegant decorative forms and complex patterns represent the miracle of sheet metal craftsmanship.

India provides a wealth of decorative and utilitarian artworks and handicrafts. Our Oricart team provides the best products from top craftsmen from all over India to act as a bridge between artists and art lovers

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